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As a part of the acclaimed dc comicsthe new 52 event of september 2011, slade wilson once ranked as the worlds greatest mercenary. Deathstroke vol 2 201120 deathstroke volume 2 was one of the new 52 ongoing series published after flashpoint. When irwin is signing his comics at the comiccon, young artists often ask for advice. This page contains all cover art images in the database for this particular comic series. Your ip and username will be stored with the information. Deathstroke 2011 20 from dc comics league of comic. Deathstroke is a 2016 comic book series from dc comics launched as part of its dc rebirth branding initiative. Deathstroke hunts for the man who tried to kill his exwife the man called the ravager. I better explain what death battle is before because i am willing to bet some of you have no idea what it is. Army, he was part of an experimental supersoldier project where he gained enhanced strength, agility and intelligence. This is a page dedicated to comic books, comic book movies, pop culture news and other stuff that i find interesting.

Please fill out the following form to report an issue missing from the database. I will try to update this page as much as possible with the junk i find interesting. He typically outthinks and outstrategizes everybody in the book. Now, a new, mysterious enemy known as odysseus has targeted deathstroke and everyone involved in the decadeold mission. This page contains information about deathstroke volume 2. The woman identifies the dead john as senator williams, but senator williams is on tv supporting anti zandia sentiment. Plus, theyre also releasing a new collectible based on the character. The worlds deadliest assassin blasts into a new era in deathstroke vol. Deathstroke the terminator vol 1 dc database fandom. Vigilante allan welles at the comic book db archived from the original.

But when his reputation starts to slip, and when a mysterious briefcase enters the equation, the man known as deathstroke decides to carve a bloody, gory swatch across the dcu in a quest to show the world what exactly makes him the best. Dc is wrapping up the rebirth deathstoke series from writer christopher priest, and has provided with an exclusive first look. In my opinion, the greatest assassin in comics is deathstroke the terminator. Rather than continue his career as a soldier, slade became the masked. The database has over 900,000 pages for you to explore. The chronology list can also be sorted according to comic book title. Please only report missing issues after attempting a thorough search, and do not submit false information. Great illustrating and great storytelling are what make comic books amazing, irwin said. A more comicaccurate version of deathstroke voiced by wentworth miller, then fred tatasciore appeared in the second season of young justice, working as an enforcer for the light he appeared as a general ripper antagonist in smallville, played by michael hogan he was a main character in the first two seasons of arrow, where hes played by mixedrace actor manu bennett. When batman discovers a mysterious package containing dna test results proving that he is not damian waynes biological father, the dark. Manganiello could neither confirm nor deny that hes still committed to playing deathstroke.

With only fragments of his memories to work with, deathstroke will have to see help from allies he thought long dead to fight the men who wish to reshape the balance of global power. Theyre super similar but have different color schemes and accessories. The series, initially shipping semimonthly, is written by christopher priest comics, and stars the titular character along with his family the series has a crossover with titans rebirth and teen titans rebirth in the lazarus contract, a bat family crossover that features. Deathstroke 1991 comic read deathstroke 1991 comic. Slade eventually track him down and kills him inside of a church. Also, watching a new duo team up, alfred pennyworth and wintergreen, provides comic relief to. Superhero database superheroes, villains, battles, teams and superpowers.

When wilson first appeared in 1980s the new teen titans no. With an entire nation at stake, slade wilson must choose between fulfilling his contract and saving an old friend. Up to 50% off preorder, mail order comics, trade paperbacks and collectibles from dc, marvel, dark horse, image, boom. And this time its all about the villains who have proven to be immune. I always found that motion comics are a fantastic way to hook people into comic books. Vigilante is the name used by several fictional characters appearing in american comic books. Deathstroke volume 2 was one of the new 52 ongoing series published after flashpoint. The raid director teases what his approach to a deathstroke movie would have been dc joe manganiello assures fans that deathstroke solo movie is still in the works. New and more seasoned readers alike should be left drooling for a main course. Deathstroke is hired by lex luthor to break out the joker and kill batman. Deathstrokes comic book journey from teen titans to. Joe manganiello could write a book about his experience. The book doesnt try to bury the reveal, explicitly opening on slades colleague fredric detailing the long and illustrious history of.

Can the comicbook assassin deathstroke take on gun. Beginning this month, a sixissue serieswithinaseries featuring the ultimate showdown between dcs fiercest rivals. To go to the deathstroke slade wilson biography click here. Vigilante adrian chase at the comic book db archived from the original. Before he could accept an offer to become the writer for a new deathstroke series, veteran comic book writer christopher priest first had to look within himself and decide whether he could take on. He is a mercenary and assassin who serves as the archenemy of the teen titans, specifically dick grayson. The critically acclaimed graphic novel deathstroke vol. Gods of war is now paired with deathstrokes replica mask in this collectors edition graphic novel set. Dc comics is launching a brand new ongoing series featuring villain deathstroke in october.

Entertainment part of time warner since 1969, dc is one of the worlds largest english language publishers of comic books. Deathstroke the terminator vol 1 19911996 deathstroke the terminator volume 1 was an ongoing series, published by dc comics. When batman discovers a mysterious package containing dna test results proving that he is not damian waynes biological father, the dark knight sets his sights on his sons true fatherdeathstroke. When a deathstroke impostor appears in chicago, slade goes to investigate. Deathstroke vol 1 annuals deathstroke vol 2 deathstroke vol 3 annuals deathstroke vol 4 annuals see also variant covers. This issue gives us an appetizer of deathstrokes moral compass and physical capabilities. Slade wilson is a mercenary and assassin for hire with no qualms about crossing lines to get the job done, no matter where those lines are drawn. Sweet lili called deathstroke in when one of her ladies and a john was attacked by a heavilyarmed mercenary.

Deathstroke the terminator volume 1 was an ongoing series, published by dc comics. Man what a perfect site that was for comic fans like myself. Deathstroke is apparently the comic book character which deadpool was ripped off from. Pitted against a salvo of new assassins, including the. If you want to go back to the chronological listing after having used the sorting tool you have to reload the page. Deathstroke visits the home of his exlover, sweet lili, in new york city. Dc comics is an american comic book and related media company. Having ascended to near godhood, jericho must confront his father, with the lives of his mother and sister hanging in the balance. Deathstroke new earth depending on the writer, deathstroke can be a violent guntoting mercenary, unafraid to kill, a likeable antihero, or just another hired gun meant to fill in the pages. Then, someone is knocking off the crime bosses of gotham city. Deathstroke is the worlds greatest assassinmercenary and an enemy of the teen titans and the justice league. Priest relies upon the historical context to frame slades mission, but for now, well stick to the changes made to the comic book origin story.

With a thousand enemies and a thousand kills, slade wilson, a. The terminator comic books also called deathstroke. They are the people who can be hired to do the impossible, to kill any target, providing the money is good enough. Deathstroke slade joseph wilson is a fictional supervillain appearing in american comic books published by dc comics. In the world of comics, there are various assassins. Deathstrokes tactical prowess is put to the test when the man who hired him attempts to renege on the contract. Values of deathstroke the terminator free comic book values. For those that dont know, deadpool is a comic book character. However, it seems clear that whatever initial plans filmmakers had for deathstroke are no longer in place, which seems to tie in with much of what we know about justice league justice league was a notoriously troubled production, with zack snyder being replaced in reshoots by joss whedon. Slade wilson agreed to undergo an experimental process that increased his mental and physical abilities to superhuman levels. Erwin drew the comics adaptation of batman returns as well as star trek. His reputation doesnt just precede him, its his most important asset. Its superman versus deathstroke and slade wilson must use his wits to escape supermans clutches as well as assassinate a dangerously elusive cartel boss by the name of alisante.

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