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A study of the family planning knowledge, attitudes and practices of jordanian men and women indicates that many of them are convinced that their religious leaders would not approve of contraceptive use, even while they themselves do so. In 1986, aid initiated one of the strangest and most controversial development activities in its 32year history. It means that by special planning, human breeding is. This article was given as friday sermon and is part of his upcoming book on family and islamic civilization due in november 2015. Keeping in mind that there are pregnancies of girls under 18 years of age and of women over 35 years. The extent and manner of reproductive health service provision, however, varies across the muslim world according to the cultural and political context in which womens rights are defined. Two pieces of evidence are often cited in support of this conclusion.

Pakistan is the ninth most populous country in the world. Siddiq migrated to the united states in the late 1980s from pakistan. My name is mohammed shahadat, i am a chemical engineer in hindustan petroleum. P o p u l a t i o n r e f e r e n c e b u r e a u islam and family planning by farzaneh roudifahimi g overnments around the worldincluding many in the islamic worldsupport fami this overview of islam and family planning ly planning programs to enable individu is part of a series of prb policy briefs on the als and couples to choose the number and. Planning and interactive whiteboard resource for upper and lower key stage 2 covering a wide range of objectives. Family planning in the legacy of islam internet archive. The agency for international development aid often uses intermediaries to conceal the fact that its programs are sponsored by the united states government. Changing muslim views on family planning and contraception. Family planning in islam pdf free download as pdf file. They say the imams and ulama say quran prohibits family planning and quote a verse which says, and kill not your children for fear of poverty we provide for them and for you. No not at allthey are not even taking precautions, still they cannot supersede humanbeings who ve cowward. They had twenty three scholars research this topic and present their findings on this matter.

Mens and womens views are summarized, based on the. Family planning means to adopt such methods that human race could not be increased. Islam has not proven to be an obstacle to family planning in the muslim countries of iran, egypt, morocco, tunisia and bangladesh. Most islamic scholars and muslim reproductive health experts accept the use of temporary contraceptive methods under islam. Bush went out of his way to acknowledge the vast majority of muslims throughout the world whose.

His two other books are muslims at the crossroads, 2012 and basic islamic dynamics, 2015. By and large, however, islam is permissive of family planning, and many muslim countries have active population and family planning programs. Subsections abortion female infanticide foeticide related sections human rights in islam women in islam wife in islam honorhonour killing marriage in islam polygamypolygyny and islam repentance and forgiveness dua supplications circumcision ghusl bathing islamic. Planning in islamic organization linkedin slideshare. According to an estimate, its population was 112 million in 1990 and would increase to 163 million in. Messages on family planning, reproductive health and hivaids prevention are now delivered in the friday sermons in mosques. In their responsibility as assistants in helping in family planning within the country of iran, in addition to the above mentioned opinions, the ministry of health has also strived to present the outlook of islam in relation to population control. By analysing the cause of failure of family planning programmes in pakistangiven the fact that hundreds of millions of rupees have been spent by national and international agenciesit has been felt that ambiguity over the way islam views family planning has been a primary obstacle to the large scale acceptance of family planning programmes. Anyone who reflects on the statement of the international islamic fiqh council no. Pakistans first family planning scheme was a part of the countrys third five year plan 19651970. I am an engineering student, a regular reader of islamic voice.

The project, which involved several contractors, was designed to plant in teaching institutions in islamic. Approaches to family planning in muslim communities. Islam differentiation and support detailed differentiation in weekly plans. Perceptions and practices a pilot study in sialkot and chakwal districts was carried out on the said topic including quantitative and qualitative research methods as only quantitative data does not adequately address the issue because of the limitations of standardized survey methods of data collection. The schemes goal was to have a vast impact in the shortest time possible, with a reduction of the birth rate from 50 to 40 per by 1970. Sexual and reproductive health in islamic contexts. Dec 16, 2012 planning in the sunnah for his migration to yathrib medina, we see many instances of his careful and well thoughtout planning at every step of the way he devised a secret plan with his closest companion abdullah ibn uraqitt, a guide was hired for the journey a camel load of food and drinks was prepared asma, abubakrs daughter. There are no specific verses in the holy quran to cover the issue of family planning. In reality, the link between omran and the ministry of health is tenuous. What is the ruling on family planning and temporarily. Islam has completely different approach about this. Others perceive it as a concept which is totally against the principle of islam. It has been the premier institute to represent islam and the international flagship for islamic legal research. The schemes goal was to have a vast impact in the shortest time possible, with a.

Is it allowed in islam because i believe what allah has ordained for us will surely happen and i believe that we shouldnt hesitate to follow what allah has enjoined us to do. The population of the world reached seven billion in 2012. Although the quran does not address the issue of family planning specifically, or directly, its teachings shed a good deal of light on how this issue and other contemporary issues may be understood, or dealt with, within the ethical framework of normative islam. Family planning fp remains one of the most debated topic in marital issues today, no thanks to the illperceived ideology and antics of the west, family planning is the practice of controlling the number. The reproductive context of the region has changed over the past twenty years as well. Dr zakir naik within the zaarori maloomat forums, part of the mera deen islam category. This article explores the doctrine of islam and the different theological interpretations of the position of islam about family planning in saudi arabia, egypt, iran and jordan, following the. Is family planning and population control against islam. After the advent of islam, it was also practiced among the muslims and prophet muhammad saw was said to have approved it with moderation. The question of family planning and birth control was discussed in detail by the majma alfiqh alislami. A home without proper knowledge of islam is a home of hopelessness and misguidance. Some muslims have concluded from these facts that islam does not permit family planning. Islamic perspectives on birth control semantic scholar. Compiled and presented by dr attahir mustapha danali, mbbs general hospital, katsina.

This article examines islamic views on contraception. Islamic studies is my field of expertise and i can say without the slightest doubt that there is no better researhed work than this book. In france, the birthrate of mothers of north african origin drops to the local norm within two generations. In reality, however, islamic thought is flexible on reproductive matters, and political interpretations of muslim law are as varied as the countries that make up the. I used these in year 5 as part of the re unit on islam. Its justification is based on the following grounds. Justification for family planning on the whole, islamic texts do not present a major obsta cle to family planning. Family planning in islam 1 family planning as a private measure to space or regulate the family size for health or economic reasons is permissible in islam. It is a concept that is spread out by the western countries that we should control our birth rate otherwise there will be a sever lack of food and necessities of life after 40 or 50 years, as the population will be doubled in these years. Pdf family planning and contraception in islamic countries. Family planning fp remains one of the most debated topic in marital issues today, no thanks to the illperceived ideology and antics of the west, family planning is the practice of controlling the number of children in a family and the intervals between their births.

Family planning in the islamic tradition like the other two abrahamic religions, islam values the family and encourages procreation. Islamic courts in jordan of the position of islam on family planning, are included. Yemens most powerful sheikhs and imams are convinced that islam the quran and the sunnah encourages family planning. If the parents are not well versed in reading the quran, they should register them in a quran class in a local mosque. The research under consideration provided a detailed scanning of different aspects, perceptions, attitudes, practices of islam and family planning in. Muslim parents towards birth control or family planning in the communities. Islam is a religion of moderation and scholars point to the principles of liberty or permissibility in islam. If the parents are lucky to find one in their area, they. Excellent study of family planning in theory and practice, and the demography of muslim nations during the medieval and early modern period. I am really concerned about what is going on in my country which is family planning to avoid children. In other words, the reality of western people today stands diametrically opposite. The issue of family planning is usually observed from two dimensions. The experience of german technical cooperation ganter e, ed.

Birth control or family planning as interchangeably used was as old as the advent of islam. The question of family planning and birth control was discussed in detail by the majma alfiqh alislaami. In short, the notion of family planning is overwhelmingly sanctioned as compatible with the teachings of islam. Many people, especially women, ask me if family planning is permissible in islam. Family planning is the practice of regulating how many children are born into a family, including controlling the number of years between births, by means of artificial contraception, voluntary sterilization, treatment of involuntary infertility, natural family planning nfp, or other methods to either prevent or encourage. Some muslims see it as an attempt to justify family planning in the modern context. Planning in the sunnah for his migration to yathrib medina, we see many instances of his careful and well thoughtout planning at every step of the way he devised a secret plan with his closest companion abdullah ibn uraqitt, a guide was hired for the journey a camel load of food and drinks was prepared asma, abubakrs daughter. In order to understand the concept of family planning in textual sources of muslim traditions and beliefs, it is crucial to introduce the notion of analogy. All of these nations have reduced their birth rates successfully. Pakistans population stands at more than 180 million, is growing rapidly, and has the highest unmet need for family planning fp in. In this study, dr omran surveys the source books of islamic jurisprudence from the eighth to the twentieth century in search for views on family formation and family planning. This scheme became the template for all subsequent family planning strategies. Muhammad uthman came to the united states as a masters student in the mid1990s.

Omrans research in this book is so comprhensive that it covers not only the controversial issue of family planning in islam but indepth analyses on the family. It is an essential part of quranic philosophy, because islam was revealed for all people and for all times. In quran it is mentioned thatit is allah who decides the characteristics and the personality of a person inside his or her mothers womb. Its author, professor abdelrahim omran, is identified on the cover as a consultant to the ministry of health, nigeria. Studying the deen will help guide and nurture children to become upright muslims.

The general view of a majority of muslims is that family planning is haram forbidden. Support from more able partners in mixed ability work. However, there are a few verses that some jurists use to justify their agreement or disagreement with the issue of family planning. Ahmed ragab is a consultant and a professor of reproducfive health and sexual health at the internafional islamic centre for populafion. What does the quran and hadith say about family planning. The arabs before the advent of islam were said to have been practicing birth control in their jahilliyah days. Dar alifta al misriyyah is considered among the pioneering foundations for fatwa in the islamic world. The participants involved represented many different trends and schools of thought.

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