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The return of the soldier 1982 allmovie movies and. Anderson, written by david webb peoples, and starring kurt russell, jason scott lee, jason isaacs, connie nielsen, sean pertwee and gary busey. It follows the story of a group of orphans, born in 1996 and raised to be the perfect. Ken wahl stars as an american antiterrorist who risks his life to save the world form nuclear blackmail in the soldier. The soldier is the topsecret code name for one of those superheros so beloved these days in espionage fiction in narratives that exalt the most outrageous kind of unmonitored, strongarm. The traumatized soldier doesnt even recognize his own wife.

Screen caps for the soldier i am doing as best i can with this, if anyone can jump in and help, i would appreciate it greatly mark in tx 00. Thursday, march 6, 20 1982 the soldier action espionage lousy low budget actioner which at that time had a theatrical release but if it was made now wouldve went straighttorental starring. Soldier 2009 film, a 2009 indian film directed by vijaya nirmala. The soldier is a 1982 american cold war actionthriller film written, directed, and produced by.

Girl in this movie damn reminds me my former 1989 girl friend. The return of the soldier 1982 alan bridges cast and. Terrorists take over a plutonium bomb and threaten to detonate it in a saudi arabian oil field. The soldier, for all its 80sstyle anticommie plot threads not that those are a bad thing in any way, was ahead of its time. The soldier is a film directed by james glickenhaus with ken wahl, alberta watson, jeremiah sillivan, william prince, year. The president william prince sends a cia loner ken wahl after the kgb puts a plutonium time bomb on top of half the worlds oil. The soldier 1982 the president william prince sends a cia loner ken wahl after the kgb puts a plutonium time bomb on top of half the worlds oil. This is the only movie that ive ever watched more then one time, the end is still the same but its just a great, fast pace action movie. If you want the ken wahl movie from 1982 the soldier, and you came here after changing the format from bluray to dvd this dvd is not the same movie as the bluray listing. The soldier 1982 film, a 1982 cold war action film. This is one cynical, jaded new yorker who wishes glickenhaus would return to filmmaking and give us another interesting film like the soldier.

This is a very cheesy mens action movie of the 80s that i remember watching over and over again on hbo when i was a teenager. Kittys complacency is rocked when her husband, captain chris baldry sir alan bates, returns from the front during world war i shellshocked and suffering amnesia, not knowing who she is, and determined for a reunion. And just like many spy movies made in the 80s, every foreign agent speaks english, with an accent, when talking to each other. Soldier is a 1998 american science fiction action film directed by paul w. The movie obviously gave employment to a lot of stuntmen, specialeffects people and. Its as if soderbergh made an action film in the early eighties and sam peckinpah shot the second unit. The films included the soldier 1982, wrong is right 1982, the delta force 1986, deadline 1987, the impossible spy 1987, the glory boys 1984, hanna k. The return of the soldier 1982 the horrors of world war i have robbed returning veteran chris baldry alan bates of his memory. Ken wahl, bill anagnos, bob andrews, lisa cain, gerald aleck.

A fairly faithful rendition of the rebecca west novel on which it is based, return of the soldier ambles along at its own languid pace to a inconclusive conclusion. Soldier 1998 watch after blade runner 1982 soldier is probably the most surprising movie on this list. Browse our collection of classic, hard to find, out of print and rare movies on dvd. It was directed by alan bridges and written by hugh whitemore based on the novel of the same name by rebecca west. The russians steal a nuclear device and are stating that unless the israelis pull out from the west bank, they will detonate it, which they have planted in an oil field and if it should go off. Soldier 1998 american film, a 1998 american science fiction film. The soldier 1982 cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. The film tells the story of a highly skilled soldier defying his commanders and facing a relentless and brutal geneticallyenhanced rival soldier. The film also features klaus kinski, alberta watson and a. Soldier or soldato, a lowlevel member of an organized crime family arts, entertainment, and media. The films included the soldier 1982, wrong is right 1982, the delta force 1986, witness in the war zone 1987, the impossible spy 1987, the glory boys 1984, hanna k. Kitty baldry julie christie is a haughty society queen with a tunnelled view of life.

Find movie and film cast and crew information for the return of the soldier 1982 alan bridges on allmovie. She was reserve senior lieutenant of military counter intelligence on very low, regiment level interpreter. First ken wahl movie, i had seen,very surreal and thought provoking action packed. While that movie went rather crazy with the revenge movie formula, this time he tried his hand at an international political thriller that was called a deglamorized james bond. When he is mistaken for dead, todd is dumped on a distant planet thats been used by. This movie has a killer opening sequence that really pulls you in. For a long time, ive believed that the films of writerdirectorproducer james glickenhaus often had some great scenes but didnt.

The action suspense thriller is written, directed and. Soviets steal a cache of plutonium leaving one rogue super cia agent to steal it back and save the world. The soldier dvd 1982 shop the best classic films movie. The return of the soldier is a 1982 british film starring alan bates as baldry and costarring julie christie, ian holm, glenda jackson, and annmargret about a shellshocked officers return from the first world war. If you order the dvd, you will get a 10 minute story called the soldier, not the ken wahl movie. The soldier is a relentless thrill ride loaded with some of cinemas most unusual and dangerous stunts. One of a number of movies made during the 1980s that looked at middle eastern politics andor the israelipalestine conflict. Arthouse surrealism combines with ultimate action in the soldier 1982 september 19th, 1980 saw the release of the exterminator, a film by an up and coming filmmaker by the name of james glickenhaus that did incredible business. I havent watched the dvd yet, but i recommend this movie if you are into really good action movies. A special antiterrorist unit is sent in to stop them. By opting to have your ticket verified for this movie, you are allowing us to check the email address associated with your rotten tomatoes account against an email address associated with. With the world on the brink of nuclear holocaust, the soldier ken wahl, the taking of beverly hills, whos not part of the military, carries out his own unauthorized, illegal and highly dangerous plan to preserve the delicate balance of power. The soldier works outside of the official channels, which should come as no big surprise for you, and his only contact is the director of the cia, so when hes killed the soldier is left with no one to turn to. The soldier is a very entertaining action thriller with a.

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